Building More Sources Of Income!

“How many millionaires do you know who have become wealthy by investing in savings accounts? I rest my case” – Robert G Allen

Upon graduation from University 2 years ago, I pondered over what was going to happen next…..

  • Securing a 9-6 job….and work over-time as and when needed by my company.
  • Look forward to the weekends every single day of the work week.
  • Save money diligently, and buy a house


But somehow, deep down inside me, I wanted more! I felt that there was more to life than merely being an average employee for the next 40 years of my life.

Having completed a few internships as an undergraduate, I have already experienced some feelings of being trapped and ‘boxed in‘ within the office! I didn’t dislike working in an office, but neither did I particularly love it as well.

Are those carefree days as a student about to disappear forever once I stepped into the workforce? That’s gonna suck, man.

I began envisioning having a different lifestyle other than being a salaried worker in the long term. No, I didn’t wish for much – merely wanted to live a life with real control over my time, an asset that is priceless.

  • Do anything and everything without having to worry about the bills.
  • Spend valuable time with loved ones without being stuck in the office for long hours.

So, around graduation time, I searched a while for possible avenues to give myself a shot in life to make things different.

I didn’t expect myself to be financially free immediately of course, but just wanted to work diligently towards forging alternative paths in life.

Soon, I began my foray into stock investments, utilizing fundamental analysis and this financial derivative called options.

Yes, though still holding a 9-6 job (or rather a tiring 9-8 job currently) to pay the bills, I have a 2nd source of income from  my earnings from the stock market – consisting of dividends, capital gains and option premiums.


Although the earnings are definitely not sizable and consistent for me to quit the day job and invest for a living yet, I’m glad to have at least started investing. A few extra hundred dollars each month is nonetheless, a nice supplement to the overall income.

Yes, the journey is still long, but I know with persistence and discipline on my part, my returns will gradually grow each year, and allow me to leave the rat race sooner than if I didn’t invest at all!

One fine day, I will be able to spend time however I wish and run about crazily like a hamster one day, or laze around like a cat the other. Whatever, the choice is mine to make.

Furthermore, I’m currently on the lookout for a 3rd possible source of income. With more streams, I believe my reliance on my day job would reduce more rapidly 🙂

Will share more on a new source of income when I succeed in creating it!

Stay Hungry & Open-Minded!


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