Every Single Dollar Counts!

“I do appreciate every single dollar I earn”.
Miranda Lambert 

One single dollar. Or even two.

It seems like a trivial amount, too insignificant to notice and pay much attention to. Don’t you think? What significance could it have on one’s finances?

Yes! I used to think so! Didn’t care about:

  • The dollar coin that I dropped under the sofa at home.
  • The dollar spent to get a newspaper en route to school and then dumping it before I even reached my lecture hall.
  • Upsizing my McDonald’s meal with a couple of dollars even though I knew I wouldn’t finish the giant-sized Coke. 

But slowly, that habit kicked in. One dollar of mine gets wasted unnecessarily wasted. Followed by another. Then yet another.

All that numerous, countless instances of overlooking one single dollar or two, accumulated in lots and lots of dollars wasted!

Coupled with my old University partying days, which consisted of money-sucking booze and ridiculous club-entry fees, my savings dwindled alot. Damn it!


  1. $1 squandered unnecessarily per day – $365 in a year.
  2. $2 thrown away without concern per day – $730 in a year.
  3. It goes on & on.

The minute I started working and investing, I knew that this habit of mine had to be amended – this habit of wrongfully belittling each and every single dollar.

So is it going to be difficult to save a dollar a day? I asked myself. I mean, who doesn’t want to pamper themselves after a hard day’s work? Putting up with torrid clients and perhaps..some co-workers?

Luckily, the wiser side of me finally answered: “Rather than spending $10 on this meal, I still can get a pretty decent meal on the menu for $9. My appetite will still be satisfied. I’m still rewarded for my hard work.”

“AND, by saving a dollar, I’m rewarding my future!”

There it is, a dollar saved. Patted my own back.

A dollar saved a day on my expenses amounted to $365 in a year, which is… well… more than the dividend payouts I received from this giant US bank recently.

Lessons I learnt:

  1. If every single dollar I had was hard-earned, I would wanna make sure it is justifiably spent or saved.
  2. If I cannot manage a few dollars wisely and prudently, I don’t think I will be capable of managing a million dollars, and other big things in life.
  3. I find it far easier to save a dollar than to earn another (from my day job at least.)

Stay disciplined, Keep Saving!

Cheers 🙂


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