Reflections to kickstart 2014 with a Bang!

Life’s a Journey; not a Destination.

 – Steven Tyler, Aerosmith


The year is drawing to a close. For some, the year whizzed by in an instant. For others, it couldn’t have been longer, right friends and colleagues?

Feelin’ a little richer? Happier? Or not?


Its been a real rollercoaster year for me. Lots of ups and downs and I would just like to share a few personal reflections and learnings for the year, to make 2014 even more awesome for myself and my loved ones.

Hope you take something away from these few words too.


Cherish your loved ones


I got engaged this year and keep telling myself: ‘Keep workin’ on my relationships and hold them close.’ It requires constant work.

You can earn back money that is lost. But you may never earn back your loved ones who are lost.


The world doesn’t owe you anything, it was here first


It’s tempting to be envious and complain about others who might have a head-start in life by virtue of their wealthy families or high societal statuses. Screw that. If I want something, I gotta fight and earn it.


People never plan to fail, they fail to plan


Gotta have a nice detailed plan for 2014 for managing my relationships with loved ones, growing net worth, improving physical health, personal development etc.

I dun wanna have a monotonous and lackluster 2014 – counting down to weekends when work starts on Mondays, counting down to the next holiday. And repeat this for another 52 weeks.


Keep pursuing the goals


Sometimes, people give up just at the point where they nearly achieve success. I know I did. Huge mistake.


It’s not about the event, it’s about my response to it


Shit will hit the fan. Murphy’s Law will come to tease you.

It’s not about what happened. It’s about how I respond to the bad events that will define my character.


Don’t fear transition & difficulties


It’s really hard and a huge pain-in-the-ass.

But gotta grab it by the balls and embrace it. Gotta shove aside that pride and be receptive to feedback and learning. It’s through these tough times that I will learn the most.


Be grateful, but not easily contented


Need to learn to be more appreciative of what I already possess because there are always people who have even less.

But then again, I wouldn’t wanna rest on my laurels but instead strive to improve and challenge myself.


Hope for the best, prepare for the worst


Always try to stay positive (its hard isn’t it?) and hope for the best. Hope drives us forward and creates ambitions. Hope will save us from who we once were 🙂

However, lets not get lost in our optimism. This ain’t Disneyland. Gotta cover all grounds and have a contingency plan.


Forgive and forget (towards your loved ones)


Forgive everyone who has hurt you. It’s tiring to hate someone and it harms yourself more than anyone, really. Get rid of the ill-feelings.

Forgive and forget, but only for your loved ones. Cos they are your loved ones and nothing is more important than that.

But don’t be a fool and forget about people who have hurt you at work, as the same devious colleague / business partner may hurt you twice. That’s gonna be on you.


Be bold in what you stand for, be careful with what you fall for


Be bold and speak your mind. I can’t be a mindless drone any longer, conforming to every single thing that’s expected of me without any form of discernment on my part.

Will be careful and not fall for the bullshit that some people are telling me too.


Choose your close associates wisely


People who attempt to drag you down, are already below you.  Gotta cut loose from such people.

I need to take a page out of Jim Rohn’s playbook: ‘You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with’.


Expand your network


I can always learn from good and bad people alike.

I can emulate the good aspects from awesome people, and learn from the bad people on how NOT to be like them.

Then I would stay the hell away from the bad people if possible (refer to above point).


Choose the right business environment


It cannot be something you hate to do.

You cannot stay at a place where you aren’t true to yourself, where conformity will take precedence over your own values

Or think that the people at your workplace are not who you wanna become in the future. I will shamelessly adapt a line from The Dark Knight movie:

‘You either leave a hero, or stay long enough to see yourself become the villain.’


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