Words & People – Some Matter But Others Don’t

“Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.”
– Rudyard Kipling

Sometimes its easy to be affected by the things that people say to us. I recall having used to take in whatever opinions everyone had of me.

After some time though, I realized that I was gradually starting to live a life that everyone expected of me, rather than being true to myself and my beliefs. 

Sometimes, there is feedback from loved ones that mean well for you. Other times though, there will be comments coming from people who don’t even care about you, but merely uttering words in a bid to further their own interests.

So I finally dawned upon this realization:

Words said to us come in all forms – tonality, intentions and implications. The key thing didn’t lie with words alone, but it was the people who said them that really made the difference between whether the words are really important.




Words from loved ones & true friends just lift you up. They lift your spirits. They motivate you. They encourage you. They show empathy. They show heart. They make the bad situations just feel a whole lot better.

Words from loved ones & true friends are usually spoken with the best intentions, albeit not always with tact. They could even sometimes be harsh. They could make you look deep into yourself and reflect. But above all, you can never doubt the genuineness of their intentions.



Words from some others just put you down. They seek to make you feel helpless. They seek to show their perceived superiority over you. They seek to demoralize you. They seek to trivialize your thoughts, words or even your very being.

Words from some others are just deceiving. They serve to better their self-interests. They seek to manipulate you into trusting them. They seek to mess with your thoughts and believe their poorly concealed or concocted lies.


Some of us spend huge amounts of time trying to please people who don’t matter, only to hurt people who do. 

So… concern yourself only with the words of loved ones and the true friends. Not of people you don’t even like or care about. Not of people who aren’t there for you.

The worst thing you can do is carry the words of unworthy people in your mind for a long time, and inadvertently let them affect your mood especially in the presence of loved ones.

Been there, done that. Nothing is worth your mind being dominated by words from undeserving people. Seriously.


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