9 Reasons To Be Thankful Towards Your Partner

“Love is made up of three unconditional properties in equal measure: 1. Acceptance 2. Understanding 3. Appreciation. Remove any one of the three and the triangle falls apart.”  ― Vera Nazarian

Let’s get real.

Relationships aren’t a bed of roses, no matter how much they have been glamourised on TV and movies, or by some of our friends who are physically glued to each other in public.

But in the midst of arguments or seemingly monotonous days in the relationship, there are still, and always, plenty of good reasons to be appreciative of your special someone.

1. You already have what others are searching for


I occasionally hear about some really awful dates that some of my friends experience whilst in their search for the special one. A lot. I can totally feel their frustrations cos I have walked down that path before. Haven’t we all? And I thank God for bringing that special one to me when the time was right.

Whatever you possess with your partner right now, remember that someone out there is still searching for what you have.

While certain phases and moments in a relationship may not be as smooth as you would like it to be, that ain’t a big deal man. You already have that special one beside you. That definitely beats going on countless dates to land a chance of finding someone. Or staring at the ceiling on Saturday afternoons on your bed.

Go give your partner a hug.


2. You double your enjoyment of everything


Be it gorging on delicious food or criticizing the strange tastes, marveling at beautiful sights or being disappointed at the overrated internet reviews on an event, it’s just more enjoyable with your partner around – doesn’t matter if it’s an overseas trip or even a simple Saturday night out in town.

There’s just a magic synergy between a couple that makes each experience better. Tom Hanks’ character in Forest Gump couldn’t have said this better in the movie: “Me and Jenny go together like peas and carrots..”

When I was roaming the streets of London 2 years ago whilst on a work trip, I could only think of one thing. If my then-girlfriend (now my wife) were there with me, enjoying the city sights and sounds like I did, the entire experience would have been even more awesome.


3. You have your biggest cheerleader & trusted confidante


The partner is always the one who will cheer you on be it a major interview / presentation or when some shit hits the fan. You can count on him / her for support and encouragement. Or share your deepest thoughts and feelings without any inhibitions, especially in situations where you might not feel comfortable sharing with friends etc.

You can be vulnerable and yet feel strong just because of that special someone’s presence.

And I must say it totally rocks to have someone behind you always, instilling confidence in your quest to achieve your goals or reassuring you that tomorrow is gonna be a better day.

4. You can genuinely unwind with your partner


Getting the opportunity to let loose is so great especially after a tough week or something. Who wants to always remain strung up forever?

Everyone has these lazy days where you just wanna let your hair down or unleash that inner child within you. You can be that with your partner and not be judged.

Gonna be a sloth or a glutton this upcoming weekend? Sure why the heck not! And its even better and more enjoyable when your partner also spontaneously becomes a sloth or glutton on those days just to accompany you.

Also, way back in the early days of our relationship when we were still schooling, we played arcade video games together on several occasions. It was something I rarely did as a child, but it didn’t seem weird when my girl and I played those thrashy games together. Point being, you feel comfortable with your partner to unleash that inner child within you.

5. You already have a partner for any activity


Be it the desire to watch some Indie movie or go to some obscure place which promises a nice cafe, you never have to fret about finding someone to accompany you. Your partner is there to spend time with you to create new memories together, whatever the activity is.

You engage in common activities simply because you guys are partners and wanna be a big part of each others’ lives, even on occasions if one party isn’t that fond of a particular activity.

Yeah that’s right. Sometimes the girl accompanies the guy to watch a soccer match though she ain’t such a big fan herself. And sometimes the guy accompanies the girl on her shopping sprees…

6. Boring things become less boring


Grocery shopping. Housework. Lazy stay-in Saturdays with no concrete plans to spend it. And whatever boring moments you experience every once in a while. All that becomes better when your man / woman is around. Or even a simple old bowling session which becomes interesting when you are doing it with your partner.

Heck, whatever boring thing will automatically become more bearable when you do it with your partner.

7. You have someone to talk to at the end of every day


There’s nothing like home. The looks of it. The sound of it. The feel of it. The people.

After a tough day at work or school, nothing beats coming home to your comfy bed, a warm dinner and shower. Add your partner’s voice over the phone or physical presence into the mix, you have a winner.

Your partner is the perfect end to a day, whether it had been a good or crappy one.

8. Nobody bugs you at family gatherings to get attached


The section title says it all.

Remember those times of each year where you have to face the incessant questioning from old distant relatives about finding a girlfriend / boyfriend? Don’t you just tire of that BS?

It will never get old for these folks, who will ask you these other stuff…

… when you are single. “When are you getting a girlfriend, boy?”
… when you are finally attached. “When are you getting married?”
… when you are finally married. “When are you having kids?”

But the first question is probably the most annoying, cos you can probably control when you wanna marry and have kids. But finding a partner? You can’t really have a definite answer to that irritating question.

9. You know yourself better and better


You understand a lot more about yourself when there’s someone so close to you, going through thick and thin together.

You learn more about what you are looking for in a partner, aspects of a potential life partner which you adore and traits you just simply can’t live with. Really, its only after being in a relationship that you begin to fully appreciate what type of person really appeals to you.

You also get to learn things like giving, loving and caring even better than before. Getting really honest feedback from your partner about anything and everything also makes you a better listener as well. In the past it might always been just about yourself but with a partner, things change from ‘me’ to ‘we’. The end goal isn’t necessarily being able to impress your partner, but generally becoming a better, selfless and caring person.

Stay Happy, Keep Appreciating!

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