5 Reasons Why People Get Ahead At Work & In Relationships

“The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will.”
– Vince Lombardi

Some people seem to be high achievers in multiple areas… career, relationships and whatnot. Love or hate them, you just can’t ignore them. There probably isn’t a standard recipe of success, but here are some reasons why some people tend to achieve success in work and in relationships.


1. Able To Connect Well With People 


Some executives are able to expertly manage relationships with their bosses who have direct influence over their progression. While managing relationships with colleagues and subordinates are important, these guys sure as hell mastered the subtle art of ‘managing upwards’ when it comes to work or casual matters. Not forgetting the importance of entrepreneurs being able to connect quickly with potential investors, partners and clients, hence the saying “Your network determines your net worth”.

In dating, a guy who’s socially confident & relaxed will create a comfortable atmosphere where the woman will be more likely to mirror his relaxed disposition. Contrast that to a guy who appears nervous and uptight; he’s more likely to influence the woman to feel awkward as well… and then she’s out. Furthermore, the winner’s able to take the conversation to a deeper level with interesting and stimulating topics as opposed to a superficial exchange of ‘job interview-like’ questions.


2. Decisive & Able To Take Charge


Top or high-potential executives are able to take charge and make swift actions. No surprise if this trait will bode well for such people as they move up in the corporate world or break new frontiers with their businesses. No room to be wishy-washy. More than willing to break a few eggs to bake a cake eh?

In dating, guys who get ahead usually don’t leave it all to the woman to decide everything. A female colleague once shared that if a guy has to always ‘ask’ for permission on where to go and what to do on a date and everything else, it’s a big warning sign to her that he won’t be able to lead the relationship and be her partner. However, if the guy’s able to take the lead WITHOUT being an overbearing jerk, the lady would generally be glad to follow.


3. Unafraid To Fight For Themselves


People who succeed in their careers are people who possess a set of values and fight to uphold them. Take Uber’s billionaire Travis Kalanick as an example who has soldiered on amidst controversies with existing taxi operators and regulators. He’s not one to pull his punches if the situation calls for it – I suspect he enjoys a good fight. Contrast that with a guy I knew who was being slighted at work by his bosses. Still, he was always hesitant to go for interviews during working hours as he felt it wasn’t ‘nice’ towards the company.

A guy who becomes a ‘doormat’ and always gives in to the woman’s views and demands might find it harder to attract the woman. The guy may be viewed as unable to lacking self-respect to stand up to his own values, and perhaps even perceived to be lacking the ability to play the ‘masculine, male’ role in the relationship.


4. Have A Sense Of Purpose


People who generally get ahead in their careers often are ambitious people who set goals and strive to attain them. Yeah we all know. Might be interesting to also contend that having this sense of purpose bodes well in the dating field…

If a guy doesn’t have anything going on in his life nor any plans about his own future, it would be difficult for any woman to see herself having a future with him. While teenagers and students can get away with it, 30-year-old bachelors probably won’t. While many successful individuals didn’t possess as big an ambition like Elon Musk and started building space rockets, but at least they had some inkling on what they wanted to do with their lives. That gives a huge sense of assurance to a potential partner that he’s got a life / plan.


5. Unafraid To Blow Their Own Trumpet



There’s a saying that the office is not a place to be too modest. Let’s make a comparison between two individuals who possess similar work capabilities.

Person A who is more outspoken, confident and showcases his achievements is more likely to receive the promotion from his managers. He has not stopped at just performing well, but he also makes it a point to let others know about his achievements too. Seen a lot of that before.

Compare to person B. Even if he performs as well but doesn’t manage to portray the image that he’s confident of his own capabilities, it will be challenging to expect others to even have confidence in him.

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