6 Ways Dating Is Just Like Marketing A Product


“Marketing is a contest for people’s attention.”

– Seth Godin


Business employ strategies and tactics to create demand for their products and services. Individuals employ tactics to increase their chances on a date (or a job interview) 

Truth be told, there are lots of similarities between marketing a product/service and dating that we may not realize. In fact, dating is pretty much about marketing oneself and some of the situations and principles apply to each other…


1. There Is Demand For (Almost) Every Type Of Product


Cars come aplenty in make, model, quality and its price tags. An average-income user seeking an economical, family car can look for a Toyota Altis while a flashy, high net worth individual can look towards a BMW Z4 Roadster.

Similarly, people seek compatible potential partners who share similar ideals, beliefs and interests. Some of us may not yet have had our day in the sun when it comes to the dating department, but fret not! Always believe that there’s always someone out there for every single one of us. Someone out there’s who’s looking out for ‘your specific type’.

Well… unless one is a total rotten jerk and in which case, he/she don’t deserve anyone. 


2. Initially, It Is About Showcasing The Best Qualities

Happy Young Couple Walking Through the Park

Lots of people will say that you gotta be yourself on dates. It’s true, no one likes a phony. Nonetheless, it’s important to be the best versions of ourselves when we meet a person for the first time. Read more: Misleading Advice About Finding The Love Of Your Life

We may fart in front of our spouses now but we don’t that on first dates. We all have sad stories to share, but we don’t share about our horrible exes, unrequited feelings or childhood miseries on first dates. And that’s not being disingenuous. It’s just putting our best foot forward to ensure we have pleasant and fun experiences. We talk positive things about ourselves at job interviews for exactly the same reason – we want to sell ourselves well.

With marketing a product or service, it’s not any different. You will hear advertising messages by Coca-Cola along the lines of ‘open happiness’ and those fluffy nonsense, but you won’t hear stuff like: ‘Coca-Cola – increasing your risk of diabetes’.


3. The Avenues For Marketing & Dating Have Evolved


In the past, salesmen went knocking on doors to peddle stuff to people. Men did the same thing – approaching women and starting conversations wherever they were, be it at a pub, cafe or at organized dating events.

With the advent of the Internet, marketers are now able to reach to their consumers more easily. They create content on social media outlets among many other online channels. Similarly, online dating exploded and people started looking for dates via swiping profile pics on apps or staring at endless profiles on their laptops. 

However, even within the online space, there are studies showing that some sites work better than others and just like every other avenue, not all’s equal. Read more: Online Dating Sites Review

4. Increasing Efforts & Reach Is Key

A trainee crawls through the Taiwan Marines frogmen "Road to Heaven" test in Zuoying, Kaohsiung, southern Taiwan, February 6, 2010. The "Road to Heaven" test, which is the final stage of a nine week intensive Amphibious Training Program, requires trainees to execute various exercises and leopard crawl along a 50 metre long path that is littered with jagged corals and rocks. REUTERS/Nicky Loh (TAIWAN - Tags: SOCIETY MILITARY)

Some of my single friends have lamented that they haven’t met someone in the past year that is attractive to them. A question back to them could be: how many new people have they met in the past year?

To be honest, it is a numbers game.

The more job interviews we go to, the more chances we have of landing that coveted job. The more new women we talk to, the more chances we have of meeting the right person. If marketers only aired their advertisements just once, good luck getting enough attention and reach for consumers to throw their money at them.


5. The Tactics Really Count


Effort isn’t enough though. Skills and tactics make up the other part of the equation. 

If a marketer creates depressingly horrible advertisements, it won’t matter how many dollars were spent on the advertising campaigns. It will likely fall flat.

Similarly, some guys don’t quite know how to talk to the ladies – treating the date like she’s an interviewee for a job, or that she’s a psychologist listening to your problems, are surefire ways of getting friend-zoned after the first date. Read more: 7 Types of Guys Who Screw Up The 1st Date


6. Giving Up Isn’t Really An Option


If a marketer gives up, he gives up all control over his fate within the company and will be shown the door.

If someone gives up being socially active and making new friends and decides to ‘leave it all to fate’… which can either be kind or unkind, then the odds will be stacked against him. 


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