A Good Employer Is Just Like A Good Lover


“Respect is earned. Honesty is appreciated. Trust is gained. Loyalty is returned.”

– Anonymous


Recently, an ex-colleague commented that when she used to work in this particular shit-hole of a company, it was like being in a bad relationship with a bad boyfriend.

  • She would expect her efforts to be reciprocated, only to be disappointed time and again.
  • She would think that by putting more efforts and being patient, it would help to turn things around. But no, things didn’t change. 

Come to think of it, there are lots of similarities in the relationships between an individual and his employer, as well as his romantic partner.

Here are some examples of a healthy relationship between employee-employer, as well as between a couple in love.


1. There Is Honesty


Everyone wants a partner who is honest, means what he says and says what he means. 

Similarly, a decent employer doesn’t act in dishonest ways by propagating lies and insulting your intelligence and feed bullshit to you. 


2. There is ‘Two-Way Street’ Loyalty


A cheating lover who doesn’t remain loyal to you really doesn’t have the moral authority to demand loyalty from you.

Similarly, some employers will love to bash Gen Y / Millennials / Strawberry Generation kids these days and say that they are disloyal, changing jobs just like changing their clothes.

While there is some truth in this, we also know that the same employers won’t bat an eyelid when they get rid of long-serving employees just to save costs or to fit their changes in business strategies. Loyalty works both ways. 


3. Your Efforts Are Reciprocated


Some may argue that when you truly love someone, you won’t expect anything in return. But the truth is, when your lover appreciates your efforts and reciprocate them in some way, you will feel really happy. 

Same thing as with an employer. You may make personal sacrifices to deliver results as reliably as how Pizza Hut delivers their pizzas promptly.

A great employer will appreciate you and not only verbalize that (since talk is very cheap), but they will show it by various means, be it the chance to work on a highly coveted project or some monetary benefits. 

4. Promises Are Kept


While some of us may break promises to our partners, like promising to quit smoking or use vulgarities excessively etc., we probably can’t get away with breaking severe promises, like our marital vows or something along that line.

Sometimes, some employers may always retract their promises to do something for you, and that’s when you know you’re probably in a ‘bad relationship.’ 


5. You Really Matter


We feel valued by our partners when they involve us in everything important to them. We just love it when they ask for our opinions and really value our inputs. We love it when they take time to speak with us and make us feel important and loved.

Similarly, some employers are great in incorporating our views and treating us like individuals… and not just ‘another headcount’. 


6. Your Needs Are Understood 


If our partners get that we like certain things and hate others, and make attempts to understand us for who we are, it’s pretty awesome to say the least.

Likewise, some great employers do their best to understand what their people need, as opposed to just thinking about what they need from the rank and file employees. 


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