Motivation Is Temporary… What’s Really Important Is Discipline 

“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.”

– Jim Rohn


Here’s Tom. He’s an average dude.

Within his small social circle of happy, loving couples, he’s the only one who is still single.

After the last of his buddies got married, he suddenly felt energized and keen to find a girlfriend for the first time.


He signs up for a few dating events on the back of this newfound motivation.

After a while, deterred by initial setback and gradual decline in the feelings of desire and motivation, he halts his search.

He feels a tad dejected. 


Motivation May Spur Us To Take The 1st Step

Often, we harness emotions to take action in our everyday life:

  • We scream and cheer to pump ourselves us up before a ball game.
  • We feel inspired, awed to learn stock investments when we see that rich ass-hole making tonnes of money on the stock market.
  • We feel motivated to lose weight after seeing that well-toned guy walk into the room while we are still wolfing down french fries. 

The popular opinion touted around is that the initial step is the hardest. But it’s often not.


But, Motivation Can Be Just Temporary

Heightened emotional states can be harnessed well – it can be the kick to our asses to get us started. But just like how emotions are, these feelings of motivation and inspiration can be fleeting and temporary. That’s not a problem.

There will be a problem if we let our actions/output be driven solely by our emotional states.

  • On days that we feel motivated and inspired, we work as hard as the Japanese and as efficient as the Germans. 
  • At times, when we feel down and unmotivated… we screw it all and laze around like those chaps in some govt. organizations. 

Our output will be inconsistent, and hence our results too. 


Screw Motivation; Foster Some Discipline


Enter discipline.

Whether its rain or sunshine, whether we wake up on the right side of bed or not, having discipline ensures that we still get through it and get it done.

I may have been motivated by the well-toned guy who walked in earlier while swallowing my french fries, but I will have to rely on discipline to get my ass out there regularly to exercise (and cut down on fries) before I can finally see some reduction around my waistline.


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One thought on “Motivation Is Temporary… What’s Really Important Is Discipline 

  1. Hello Nicholas,
    I liked the simplicity in your posts and the diagrams you use.
    Screw motivation, foster some discipline !
    That’s actually eye opening … it’s always action that matters
    Thanks !

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