Screw #YOLO. It’s Often Misused to Justify Bad Decisions.


“The concept of YOLO isn’t to go make an ass of yourself. It’s to seize the day, go out and make something with your life that matters.”


In recent years, I’ve seen people on social media using #YOLO whist doing all sorts of stuff ranging from skydiving to making purchases of luxury cars and whatnot.

It’s like the millennial version of Carpe Diem – seize the day. 

It makes sense, sometimes. We only live once… we gotta have fun and live life fully. But other times, it’s just a bad justification for making some really appalling decisions. 


YOLO Takes Personal Responsibility & Logical Thinking Out Of The Equation

Some of us young adults still yearn for the years when we were 18, young and dangerous. Carefree (somewhat) and not having to give much fark about the world.

That changed a whole lot when we entered the workforce – earning our keep, making sacrifices to survive and make our mark. We know that we can never ever avoid our responsibilities, which will only grow as we develop our careers and especially our relationships when we head down the road of marriage and parenthood. 

It’s so tempting to say: Screw it! I’m buying this Z4 Roadster, or I’m gonna do that BASE jumping shit.

When we make such hasty and yet huge decisions, it’s often based on how we wanna feel or having a desire to escape from something, likely some element of our daily lives and its nagging responsibilities. We commit to some of these actions without wanting to think of the consequences and implications of our decisions.

Then #YOLO is somehow utilized as a get-out-of-jail-free card.

But it isn’t. We will have to face the consequences of our decisions another day… be it financial, emotional or even our physical well-being.

‘Don’t Be Afraid or ‘Be Spontaneous‘ Isn’t The Same As ‘Being Silly’.

‘You-Only-Live-Once’ pushes a notion that people should seize the day and make the most out of it, be spontaneous and devoid of fear.

That isn’t quite the same thing as being silly and doing all sorts of shit without having put some thought into it. 

The way i see it, we only live once. 

So YOLO isn’t about making an ass of myself and doing crazy nonsense. It’s to seize the day, go out and make something with my life that matters. Gotta let loose along the way of course, but make smart decisions that won’t screw myself, my future self and loved ones. 


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