About Nicholas


Hi. Thanks for dropping by my site!

I started this site to express my views about personal finances and relationships – things that are really important to me.

My mission is to achieve mastery in these two areas and eventually inspire others to do the same. Why?

Wealth & Love both go hand-in-hand. If I’m able to successfully manage one’s finances, this should lead to a positive effect on one’s relationships and the ability to support my loved ones. And vice versa. Successfully grow and nurture the relationships with the people who really matter in life, and its gotta positively impact my state of mind to manage my career and investments.

In short, these two aspects are undoubtedly key pillars in my Life.  And I wanna live it to the fullest.

I love to think. I occasionally think that I think too much and my wife also concurs. I constantly think about how I can make my life a little different day-to-day rather than conforming to whatever values and dogma that was prescribed to me by society. Of course I’m grateful for what I already have – great relationships with loved ones and friends, a rather profitable stock portfolio, a fairly decent job that I’m sufficiently challenged each day and quite motivated to do.

But there’s a difference between being grateful versus contented. Being contented is a slippery slope towards complacency and stagnation. And I believe that each and every single one of us is yet to unlock our fullest potentials. The stars are waiting for us.

Aside, I love coffee, travelling, potato chips, UFC. I can be contacted at (nick_ben_goh@hotmail.com).



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