New e-Book on Amazon!



Available For Download On Amazon From 28 Nov (Tentatively)

In 2013, disillusioned with my shitty job back then, I looked for new ways to monetize my existing hobbies/interests, besides stock investments. Since I occasionally talk crap on social media, why not try to monetize it? So I started a blog here and wrote crap about relationships and personal finances.

Some articles were viewed and shared widely. The vast majority were rubbish in my opinion, looking back.

Since 2015, amidst other commitments and distractions, I’ve finally managed to vomit out all my thoughts about relationships onto a single word document….

.. and I’m here to tell you that I’d be launching my first ever e-book on Amazon very soon!

Here’s the book cover above – designed by yours truly. The chapters are also listed below.

Whatever I have written is based on my personal experiences with my wife as well as hearing from others’. Trust me, it’s not always pretty.

Stay tuned for more details!